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Zurcon® - L-Cup - RL10N0250-Z20

Zurcon® L-Cup® is a single acting polyurethane rod seal with a unique design offering a hydrodynamic backpumping ability over the complete working pressure range.

Quality & Norms:

Correspond to recommendation of ISO 5597 yes  

Material Properties:

Material Type PUR  

Installation Dimensions:

Rod dia., dN f8 25  mm

Groove dia., D H10 33  mm

Groove width, L +0,25 8  mm

Radius, r max. 0.3  mm

Ring width T 7.2  mm

Seal Capabilities:

Min. Temperature -35  °C

Max. Temperature 110  °C

Speed max. 0.5  m/s

Pressure max. 40  MPa

Zurcon® - L-Cup

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Basic Material:



93 (Shore A)

Commercial Description:

Zurcon® Z20, 93ShA proprietary Thermoplastic Polyurethane material based on aromatic diisocyanate and polyester diol. Developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions for hydraulic application sealing elements, Zurcon® Z20 offers high wear and extrusion resistance, low compression set, a wide operating temperature range, minimal swelling in mineral oil and acceptable hydrolysis resistance.