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POLYPAC® - Veepac CH/G5 - RCH0G0560-V0PVA

Veepac seals are sets of fabric reinforced chevron rings. They are composed by a support ring, "V" shaped sealing rings and a pressure energizing ring.

Material Properties:

Material Type FKM/fiber/PTFE  

Installation Dimensions:

Rod Diameter, dN f8/h9 56  mm

Groove Diameter, D1 H11 71  mm

Groove Width, L +0,2 22.5  mm

Seal Width, B 22.5  mm

Seal Capabilities:

Min. Temperature -30  °C

Max. Temperature 130  °C

Speed max. 0.5  m/s

Pressure max. 40  MPa

POLYPAC® - Veepac CH/G5

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Basic Material: